Sustainability & Social Impact

Our customers come to ROMWE for the latest trends and interesting gadgets, but we know that it’s not always about the fun. As much as we are dedicated to providing a large selection of unique products at affordable prices, we are just as committed to making a positive impact on our customers, employees and the environment. ROMWE strives to create a fun experience for our customers while adhering to empowering entrepreneurs, supporting the community and protecting the environment.
Empowering Entrepreneurs
As a large, global business, we have the opportunity to create transformational change in the fashion industry and open the door for others. ROMWE invests in technology, training and financial resources to support the business development and growth of manufacturers, small and medium businesses, illustrators and designers.
Supporting the Community
Given ROMWE’s global reach and diverse customer base, we understand our responsibility to impact change, and we partner with organizations advancing some of the world’s most urgent causes. We have supported a number of charitable causes in the communities in which we live and work. We know this is just a start, and there is much more to be done.
ROMWEcares, the philanthropic arm of the company’s makes monetary and in-kind contributions to organizations aligned with the company’s mission: empowering entrepreneurs, helping communities thrive and protecting the environment. When COVID-19 hit in May of 2020, ROMWE partnered with Direct Relief to provide PPE to medical and frontline workers across the US. ROMWE will continue to collaborate with other organizations to help benefit our community.
Protecting the Environment
Environmental sustainability is one of the sectors where the fashion industry needs urgent transformation. We believe that reducing supply chain waste and investing in modern production techniques are key starting points to building an environmentally sustainable industry. At ROMWE, we harness our fully integrated digital supply chain to limit excess inventory, reducing the possibility of production waste. In addition, we attempt to sell unsold or returned inventory at wholesale pricing before donating it to populations in need.
We have invested in costlier thermal digital transfer and digital direct printing technologies in an effort to reduce water use throughout the production process of ROMWE-branded items.
Global Labor Rights
ROMWE is fully committed to upholding high labor standards across our entire supply chain. All suppliers must sign a Code of Conduct. SHEIN does not allow harassment, discrimination, child labor and forced labor.
Suppliers play a key role in ROMWE's overall mission to help everyone enjoy the beauty of fashion. We provide thousands of small and medium-sized merchants with brand and store setup, logistics support and access to new customers – helping them to grow their businesses.
Promoting a Fair & Equitable Workplace
At ROMWE, we recognize and value the individuals working at all levels of the supply chain to ensure that our customers have access to affordable trendy styles. We have a strict Code of Conduct for our supply chain partners and ROMWE employees to ensure that products are produced ethically and comply with fair labor guidelines. We have strong policies for harassment and discrimination and require all partners to abide by local labor regulations. We provide worker education and training programs at all levels of the supply chain.
Protecting Privacy Through Data Minimization
We put our customers first, and our commitment to data privacy reflects this: ROMWE only collects and uses the minimum amount of data necessary for you to have a great shopping experience. We hold high standards in how we deploy advanced security technologies and solutions to protect our global infrastructure, logistic networks, digital assets and — most importantly — customer data.
Keeping Your Data Safe
At ROMWE, data security is built into our business, not bolted on. We’ve embedded security in every step of the development lifecycle and every layer of technology. We use data protection methods that meet industry standards, like ISO 27001 and NIST frameworks, and advanced security analytics to detect and mitigate threats to keep your data safe.